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Bike ride, a canal bike rally or a sailing trip...

We can offer you various active programmes in and around Amsterdam and throughout Holland. Active programmes can be from a physically active bike ride, a canal bike rally or a sailing trip to a relaxing balloon ride or a paint workshop.

Sailing trip
Holland has always been a sailing country. As our country is flat, there is very often enough wind for sailing. There are plenty of rivers, lakes and of course the sea. We can arrange traditional old ships for an active day on the water. Overnight stay is also possible, though with basic comfort.

Canal bike rally
Not only cruise ship sail the canals of Amsterdam, also canal bikes are seen more and more. You can explore the city in a very different way. We can organise a puzzle, a fun and unique way to explore the city.

Building sand castles
Team spirit and creativity is required to build these sand sculptures. A fun activity on the beach.

Building sand castles 

Fast and competitive, a day on the racing track. There are various possibilities to organise.