A-Travel - Your local agent in Holland


With our experience and expertise we can organise any programme for your group, be it a technical or cultural visit or even a theme group. We can arrange anything from a full day programme with tours, guides, restaurant etc. to hotel accommodation only.

We can offer various tour possibilities for groups. We can arrange for a city tour through Amsterdam, by for example coach or boat. We also offer tours varying from just outside Amsterdam to all over Holland.

We have a wide range of restaurants in Amsterdam, with various foods from different cultures. Also typically Dutch restaurants. There is always a choice for your group in all price categories.

Active programmes
If your group wants to include an active part in their programme, we can offer possibilities within Amsterdam but also just outside the city. You do not have to drive long to reach the typical Dutch flat country side. There are possibilities; from a canal bike rally to a bike ride or from an outdoor programme to cart racing.

Holland is well known for its tulips and windmills but also for its water. One third of the country lies below sea level and is protected by large dunes. We have various possibilities for a programme on the water, be it on the canals, on a river, a lake or even the North Sea.

Delft Blue
One of the many things Holland is known for throughout the world is the "Delft blue China". We can offer various programme elements with Delft Blue in them. For example a tour to a Delft blue factory or a Delft blue painting workshop.