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As the capital of Holland Amsterdam has a population of800.000. Founded in 1250, times of great wealth came in the 17thcentury, also know as "the Golden Age". Holland, then a world wideleading trade nation in spices, turned Amsterdam into the centre ofEurope.

Nowadays Amsterdam is probably the most intact 17th century city inEurope. Most buildings have been preserved or restored, which makesAmsterdam of great historic value. Along its beautiful canals Amsterdamtakes you back in time.

Amsterdam is probably the most intact 17th century city in Europe

But it is by no means a dull city, but full oflive and activity. A multicultural city in the centre of Europe.Amsterdam is also known as 'the Venice of the North'.It has over 100 canals and 1000 bridges, which gives Amsterdam it'sunique atmosphere. In early days the canals were used for transportinggoods, nowadays the canals are used mostly for leisure, with canalboats, canal taxis, private boats and canal bikes.

no dull city