A-Travel - Your local agent in Holland

Explore the city by historic tram or by horse carriage!

Amsterdam is world famous for its canals. They are still heavily used and will give you the typical "Amsterdam-feeling".

Laze in traditional canal boats or antique wooden saloon steamers, or use your own energy on the canal bikes.

You can also explore the city by bus, by historic tram or by horse carriage.

Last but not least: Amsterdam by bike. Our guides will lead you along the canals and show you unknown spots!

Amsterdam by bike


Historical tram
Instead of standard coaches, we can offer other means of transportation.

A transfer to a beautiful dinner location can be arranged in old trams, as a real special start to the evening.

A tram ride can also be included in a city tour.

Deluxe cars
Or, even more special, a tour or transfer in these deluxe cars will be unforgettable for your guests.

Deluxe cars


Horse and carriage
A tour of transfer in a horse carriage makes old times come alive.

In the past all rich merchants who housed along the canals had their own carriage. In the back of the canal houses you can still find many old "Carriage houses".

Although not in use anymore, they remind us of the rich history.


Holland is a flat country and therefor excellent for bike riding. Explore the city at your own pace.