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In the most southern part of the Netherlands you can find the province of Limburg with its capital Maastricht. The city became well know about 10 years ago, when members of the European Community signed the 'Treaty of Maastricht' for closer co-operation and unity.


You will find many beautiful castles in this area.

Some are still privately owned, but many can be visited.

White wine is produced in this area and wine-tasting events are organised.

Just outside Maastricht is the Mountain Saint Pieter, where caves can be found.

This part of the Netherlands is completely different to the rest of Holland and the only part of the country with hills.

For that reason for some Dutch people this part of the country already feels like being 'abroad'.

Guided tours are available.

The city of Maastricht is most charming, with a large history and beautiful churches and chapels.

The inhabitants of this city are known all over the country because they know how to enjoy life.

Food and entertainment
Maastricht is well known for its Burgundian food and restaurants. This is the city to enjoy life.

Carnival is celebrated in February in Holland. During Carnival Maastricht becomes one large party.

Burgundian food