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Rotterdam is a maritime city. Some areas still remind you of the Passenger line ships that left to New York at the beginning of this century.

Not far from Rotterdam you can find the impressive 'Delta Works', a huge flood-regulating system on the North Sea Coast.

In times of severe weather conditions the locks can be closed to protect the inland territories. The Delta Works are still one of the most inventive and impressive waterworks in the world.


Rotterdam is still the biggest harbour in the world for cargo shipping. The activity in this harbour is overwhelming and a boat tour through the harbour is a must while visiting Rotterdam.

As most of Rotterdam was destroyed during the war, many buildings are fairly new. Rotterdam has become well known for its modern architecture.

We can organise tours along some of the best architecture of Rotterdam.

The city itself is maybe the most modern city in the Netherlands with real skyscrapers and a fantastic skyline.

From the “Euromast Tower” you can enjoy the wide view over the city and the harbour.

As Rotterdam is a city surrounded by water wherever you go, the ideal way to discover the city is by boat.

We can arrange for boats in various shapes and sizes. Enjoy a tour around the grand harbour an experience the 'Rotterdam feeling'.