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The Hague

Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, but the Royal and Political capital is The Hague.

The city centre will take you back in time with its historic governmental buildings and the working palace of the Queen.

Royal and Political capital

Just outside the centre you can find the beaches of The Hague, called Scheveningen, with its boulevard and pier.

Royal elegance
Just outside The Hague you will find the residential palace of Queen Beatrix, 'Huis ten Bosch'. The Queens offices are however located in the city centre of The Hague. This makes the royal family near and visible.

The royal family is very popular and Queen's Birthday is hugely celebrated.

The governmental year starts in September with a speech by the Queen in the old 'Nightshall', followed by a parade with the Golden Carriage.

This is a long and well-kept tradition, that attract many visitors every year.


The Hague also has its own beach by the name of Scheveningen, well known because of its pier and the historic Kurhaus hotel located right on the beach. There is plenty of activity to be found here, as the Casino and the Music Hall.

Located near The Hague you will find the small town of Delft, of course well known throughout the world for its Delft Blue porcelain.

The town has a beautiful and elegant atmosphere, with large canal houses and long alleys.

The Maurits Huis is one of the main museums in Holland with a collection of Dutch painters from the 18th and 19th century. An impressive collection in a historic setting.