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Utrecht is the most central city of the Netherlands and can therefore easily be reached from all directions. It is a very charming town with canals, streets and alleys and definitely worth a visit. The area around Utrecht is very green with beautiful castles and mansions.

Utrecht is a very charming old town.

Utrecht is a very charming old town

A former merchants city with a structure of canals that were used in former days for transportation purposes.

Nowadays it is nice to relax and enjoy a drink along one of these canals.

The most visual sight of Utrecht is the Dom tower, the highest tower in the country.

If you have enough energy it is possible to climb the tower and enjoy a fantastic view of the surroundings of Utrecht.

Organ museum
The city also hosts a few very nice museums.

'Organ and Music box' museum has a huge collection of historic music boxes and typical Dutch street organs.

The Vecht area
Not far from Utrecht you can find the beautiful area of the river Vecht.

In the 17th century the area where rich merchants of Amsterdam had their country houses. A very impressive area with plenty of mansion and castles along a beautiful river in a very green setting.

...where rich merchants of Amsterdam had their country houses...