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We can offer various types of entertainment, taking into account the budget, group size, type of event, type of guests and location.

There is always entertainment available that suits your request.

Dutch flower girls
A Dutch welcome, these ladies in traditional dress can welcome your guests at the hotel.

Dutch flower girls 

They can offer flowers or simply serve a welcome drink.

The Dutch street organ
Very Dutch and very typical for Amsterdam as well, is this street organ.

In the past operated by hand, by turning the wheel at the back of the organ. They had to turn it at exactly the right speed to get the right tune.

Herring stall
Dutch herring. We can arrange a stall in nearly any programme as a break for your guest and of course to taste this very special delicacy, raw herring.

Balineese dancers

Balineese dancers 

As the colonial past of Indonesia is still visible in Holland, we can organise Indonesian parties with traditional dancers.