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Holland is well known all over the world for its flowers. Who doesn't know the song 'Tulips from Amsterdam'?

We can arrange various elements which have to do with flowers, from tours to the flower fields or auction, to a flower gala dinner or have your location for a meeting on dinner decorated with flowers.

Tulip fields

Holland is famous all over the world as a leading country in flower export.

Dutch flowers

In an area not far from the airport, hundreds of companies work in the flower business and flowers are exported to nearly all countries in the world.

The most famous flower is the Dutch Tulip.

Flower auction
See the export business of flowers. Everything has to go extremely fast as flowers have to arrive at their final destination as fresh as possible.

ready to fly

It is an impressive experience to see the flower exchange in process.

Flowers and art
Dutch painters were also impressed by the beauty of flowers.

Paintings with flowers became an art on its own, especially in the Northern countries.

Flowers and Art