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Cities in Holland

Apart from Amsterdam, Holland has many other cities that are worth a visit. Rotterdam is world famous for its harbour. The Hague is a royal city and here you also find The Peace Palace which is the International Court of Justice. In the south the city of Maastricht, with its own atmosphere and hilly surroundings. During your stay various cities can be visited.


As the capital of Holland Amsterdam has a population of800.000. Founded in 1250, times of great wealth came in the 17thcentury, also know as "the Golden Age". Holland, then a world wideleading trade nation in spices, turned Amsterdam into the centre ofEurope. read more

The Hague

Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, but the Royal and Political capital is The Hague. read more


Rotterdam is a maritime city. Some areas still remind you of the Passenger line ships that left to New York at the beginning of this century. read more


In the most southern part of the Netherlands you can find the province of Limburg with its capital Maastricht. The city became well know about 10 years ago, when members of the European Community signed the 'Treaty of Maastricht' for closer co-operation and unity. read more


Utrecht is the most central city of the Netherlands and can therefore easily be reached from all directions. It is a very charming town with canals, streets and alleys and definitely worth a visit. The area around Utrecht is very green with beautiful castles and mansions. read more